Description of children's care at relaxia spa

Duo of massage and manu
fairy or pédia fairy

Chocolat massage

60 min / 75$

This care includes a chocolat massage and a manicure or pedicure.

Chocolate facial care
and pixie mani or pixie pedi

Chocolate !!!

60 min / 75$

A facial completely chocolate, moreover this care included a manicure or pedicure

Duo chocolate face care

Chocolat massage

60 min / 85$

This treatment includes a face treatment and a massage with the choice of the child: chocolate, strawberries or fruit salad.

Duo pixie mani and pixie pedi

Care of the Princess

60 min / 55$

Manicure and pedicure for your little princess.


Massage for children

45 min / 60$ 60 min / 70$

As much for the adult as for the child, the massage will bring a sensation of well-being. Why not bring them this feeling from a young age. There is no age to take care of us ...


12 to 17 years

Massage 60 min / 75$
Duo massage 30 min + facial 30 min / 99$
Duo Facial 30 min + pedicure 30 min / 85$
Duo massage 45 min + pedicure 45 min / 99$
Duo manucure 30 min + pedicure 30 min / 65$
Facial 60 min / 70$


Mother-daughter time

Manicure and pedicure for two

60 min / 120$ (for both)

Spend a mother-daughter time to make you pamper! For Mom, the care duo express that included manicure and pedicure and for little girl, the pedi and manu Fairy!

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